Tax Problems

Government agencies are not always the easiest to deal with.

Many taxpayers have different IRS issues.  Some of the more common ones are:

  • Audits: IRS audits involve a thorough review of an organization or an individual’s financial details. Some of these audits take over a year and many are understandably irked by it. Every year, there are more than 1.4 million IRS audits.
  • IRS bills: There’s an alarming 17 million taxpayers who owe money to the IRS and can’t afford to make payment.
  • Penalties: In each year, IRS imposes upwards of $40 million in penalties.
  • Unfiled returns: According to the IRS, each year 7 million-plus taxpayers do not file their required tax returns.
  • Tax identity theft: In recent times, more people are now at the risk of having false returns filed under their names. This is because of fraudsters who have stolen personal information of millions of taxpayers.
  • CP2000 or underreporting notices: These are the notices that are routinely sent anytime the information the IRS gets from employers do not match an individual’s reported income on tax returns. Every year, about 4 million taxpayers receive the notices and are often asked to clarify the disparity as well as pay additional taxes.

Getting any correspondence from any tax agency creates a great deal of stress and distraction. We can guide you to help you achieve your desired result. We advocate on your behalf.

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