How should we choose the right bank?

Depends on the nature of business and if your company is local or national. Local markets need a local bank for the staff and relationship you acquire with them. National markets need a larger bank with more reach.

How do I form and setup a business?

We assist with the function of determining the nature of business the client is getting into and considerations are made based on the industry the client wants to work in. We schedule a face-to-face meeting with our client to determine liability protection, staffing and level of involvement the client wants to have in maintaining the business.

How do I determine staffing?

Independent contractor vs. employee? We discuss the financial aspects, level of management client would like to have and proper forms to submit to the IRS to determine the worker’s status.

Helpful links for IRS Forms:

Request Transcript for missing information


Tax Information for Individuals


Tax Information for Businesses


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